Monday, August 10, 2020

Mounting OCI Object Storage Bucket as a File System on Oracle Linux VM

My environment:

  • VM on OCI running Oracle Linux 7.8

Step 1:  Install s3fs-fuse rpm

yum install --nogpgcheck

Step 2A:  Create file with credentials in the format access key:secret key

[root@vm1 bucket1]# cat /root/.passwd-s3fs

Step 2B: Change file permissions to 600 

chmod 600 /root/.passwd-s3fs

Step 3: Create directory for mount

mkdir /bucket1

Step 4:   Run the s3fs command

s3fs gregf1 /bucket1 -o endpoint=us-phoenix-1  -o passwd_file=/root/.passwd-s3fs -o url="" -o nomultipart -o use_path_request_style

Step 5:  Make mount permanent


Additional Information:

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