Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chaplet to the Mournful Heart of Jesus

Chaplet to the Mournful Heart of Jesus 

Our Lady comes, once again, holding the Mournful Heart in Her Hand.  She says:  "Praise be to Jesus." 

"Dear children, it is the sins which wound My Son's Heart - the compromise of Truth and the abuse of authority - which rapidly widen the abyss between Heaven and earth.  Please pray on any rosary beads:  One Our Father and three Hail Mary’s for the following intentions:"
  1. "That mankind discovers the Truth of the difference between good and evil."
  2. "That the Truths of the Faith which are dogma are not compromised to please mankind, but upheld."
  3. "That all leaders, secular and religious, recognize sin as sin, and in no way lend support by way of pandering to or accommodating 'special interest' groups."
  4. "That no leadership takes away religious freedom."
  5. "That all leaders, religious and secular, lead as good shepherds towards the welfare of their flock - not with an eye towards any self-gain, power or disordered authority."
"Then pray:" 

"Dear Jesus, please accept these prayers in atonement for the grievances of Your Most Mournful Heart.  Through this Chaplet, please mitigate Your Justice.  Amen." 

From Holy Love Shrine.