Friday, December 21, 2012

Daily Bible Readings now available in iPhone/iPad app

Just added daily readings to my New American Bible Revised Edition iPhone/iPad apps.    Daily Readings can be found by touching the action button which is located at top left hand corner.

Friday, September 28, 2012

New User Interface for Catholic NABRE app

Hope everyone likes the new user interface that I just released in V2.0 of the Catholic New American Bible Revised Edition iPhone app.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Catholic All-In-1 App Released

I just released my third app "Catholic All-In-1" in the iTunes store.   I will be adding lots more content in the future.   This release includes the current Catholic Bible, Prayers, Liturgical Calendar and Catholic Places.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


St. Michael says: "Praise be to Jesus."

"You recognize me, don't you?  I am Michael, the Archangel.  Jesus sends me to you once again as the need arises.  As I am the Defender of the Truth, I must point out the paradox of what has become law in your country.  On one hand, you are told you have the right to choose between life in the womb or abortion.  On the other hand, you are told you do not have the right to deny anyone birth control or abortion even if it contradicts your conscience.  If conscience can dictate for an abortion or birth control, why can it not dictate against the same?"

"The Truth is - your rights are being dictated and manipulated by compromised politicians."

"Jesus desires I dictate to you a novena to begin June 26th and to end July 4th - your Independence Day.  Propagate it and be united in this prayer effort."

"Here, now, is the prayer to be prayed every day of the novena;  then, I will subsequently give to you the daily prayers on my future visits."

Prayer of the 9-day Novena for the United States of America and the Following Daily Petitions:

"Dear Jesus, allow the Truth of Holy Love to flood the heart of this nation.  Place Truth in the center of every heart.  Return this nation to its rightful place under the Dominion of God. Amen."

Day 1 - "Dear Jesus, inspire the hearts of legislators to bring fairness into every law. In so doing, inspire lawmakers to remove contradiction from laws concerning life in the womb, so that no one is forced to support contraception or abortion against his free will. Do not allow religious freedom to be trampled under the feet of those who favor death in the womb. Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Day 2 - "Dear Jesus, we ask Your protection over all religious organizations. In this country based upon freedom, do not allow anyone to feel threatened in voicing their opinions or practicing their faith. Help us to guard against reverse discrimination in which non-Christians are granted every right, but Christians are subdued. Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Day 3 - "Dear Jesus, help the citizens of this country to realize the truth of the direction this nation is taking. Help everyone to comprehend that the government is becoming detached from the will of the people by slowly stripping away individual freedoms. Restore in hearts the proud, independent nature that this country was founded upon. Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Day 4 - "Dear Jesus, unite the hearts of all the citizens of this nation to pray against any form of dictatorship.  Do not allow the people of this free country to stand silent as the Constitution is trampled upon.  Awaken hearts to see the hidden agenda of such actions, which encourages the One World Government.  Pray that all hearts unite in the Truth.  Amen."

Recite Daily Prayer

Day 5 - "Dear Jesus, open the heart of this nation to recognize the difference between good and evil.  Help the people to see that those who are ambitious for themselves readily transgress the rights of others.  Remove from the hearts of those in influential positions the willingness to condone evil and to ignore God's Commandments.  Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Day 6 - "Dear Jesus, we see Satan's hand in his efforts to weaken this country by weakening the economy.  In this way, the New World Order - One World Government - appears more acceptable to everyone.  Enlighten all the citizens of this nation to see that to weaken the economy is to gain control of hearts and lives.  Help the people of this country to see that government handouts are not free, but paid for with the surrender of independence.  Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Day 7 - "Dear Jesus, return the heart of this nation to the righteous support of God's Commandments as encapsulated in Holy Love.  Vigorously defend life in this effort, as well as the tradition of marriage between a man and a woman.  Realize that the acceptance of sin as a political issue is shaking hands with Satan, and giving evil an open door.  Let all laws be in support of God's Commandments;  thereby strengthening the backbone of this great nation.  Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Day 8 - "Dear Jesus, place the Shield of Truth over all hearts, emboldening every effort to stand for the Truth.  In this powerful effort, precipitate change towards righteousness in every government action, and in every legal decision.  Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Day 9 - "Dear Jesus, inspire the Victory of Truth in all those who hold public office.  Do not allow compromise of Truth or any contradiction to be part of any law.  In this effort, uphold the rights and independence of every citizen.  Most especially inspire those who hold offices of the most profound influence:  President, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, Appointed Officials, towards this end.  Amen."
Recite Daily Prayer

Supreme Court Justices,
Congressmen and Senators,
All Appointed Officials"


Friday, January 13, 2012


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CALL TO ARMS -- Army of Prayer

Blessed Mother says:

"Dear children, it is important that you realize that abortion is the key issue which is bringing about the demise of mankind. If abortion was defeated, the path of reconciliation between the heart of the world and God the Father would be laid bare. Then you would see wars cease, economies stabilize under righteous leadership, moral degeneration reversed, disease and famine greatly resolved and natural, as well as manmade disasters, lessen."

"For I tell you, evil begets evil. Remember, dear children, one Hail Mary said from the heart can stop wars, heal diseases, change hearts and bring victory of righteousness over evil. Therefore, I have come to mobilize an Army of Prayer - not just here, but around the world. I call it ONE ROSARY A DAY FOR LIFE. This is your Heavenly Mother's call to arms. Be united in this effort, dear children, as I call you to be. Jesus and I will help you spread 'One Rosary a Day for Life' around the world."

"You do not need anyone's approval to pray or to evangelize prayer. You should encourage people from every part of the world to enlist in this 'army' of prayer." "I am always your Mother, your support, your partner in all that is good; but this Army of Prayer must be spread quickly to be effective - and, so, it is My most precious and personal project. Make it known." 

Holy Love Mission
The Rosary of the Unborn