Monday, August 24, 2020

Create non-cdb on Exadata Cloud Service

 Please review MOS Note:  Creating non-CDB databases using Oracle Database 12c on the Exadata Cloud Service (Doc ID 2528257.1)


My environment:

  • ExaCS quarter rack in Phoenix. 

Step 1:  You may need to update your cloud tooling

Step 2:  You may need to download the non-cdb images

  • Sudo su -
  • dbaascli cswlib list
  • dbaascli cswlib download --version 19000 --bp JAN2020 --cdb no

Step 3:  Create  you non-cdb database

  • /var/opt/oracle/dbaasapi/dbaasapi -i createdb.json


[root@exacsphx-z0pvn-pehrf1 dbinput]# cat createdb.json


    "object": "db",

    "action": "start",

    "operation": "createdb",

    "params": {

        "nodelist": "",

        "cdb": "no",

        "bp": "JAN2020",

        "dbname": "gregfz1",

        "edition": "EE_EP",

        "version": "",

        "adminPassword": "YourSysPasswordHere",

        "charset": "AL32UTF8",

        "ncharset": "AL16UTF16",

        "backupDestination": "NONE"


    "outputfile": "/home/oracle/gregf/dbinput/createdb.out",

    "FLAGS": ""


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