Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Migrating SQL Server to Oracle Cloud database online

This blog covers the basic steps in migrating a SQL Server 2016 database to Autonomous Database 19c via SQL Developer online migration tool. 

What I used:
  • SQL Server 2016 running on a Windows server in OCI as the source
  • Autonomous Database on Shared infrastructure as the target
  • SQL Developer 21.4.3 running on the same server as SQL Server
  • SQL Developer documentation

Basic steps all within SQL Developer:
  • create connections to the source (SQL Server 2016) and target (Autonomous Database)
  • Setup migration repository,  I used  a different schema within the target Autonomous Database
  • capture source information
  • review convert/translate options for meta info, procedures, triggers, views, ...
  • create target
  • submit the job to create the DDL and move the data
Almost always you will use offline in which SQL Developer creates the scripts which you will use to move a production database.  Online is nice for testing.   

After creating connections within SQL Developer to the source and target as well as setting up the migration repository select Tools->Migration->Migrate.   

Step 1 -- Info on steps

Step 2 -- Select repository

Step 3 -- Create project

Step 4 -- Select source

Step 5 -- Select database(s) 

Step 6 -- Convert data types

Step 7 -- Select objects to be converted

Step 8 -- Select target 

Step 9 -- Select move data online

Step 10 -- Start job to migrate

After job is completed using SQL Developer to view the migrated objects and data.  Image below shows the source and new target. 

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