Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Setting up ExaCLI with ExaCS

What is needed:

First,  on your ExaCS:
  1. Get your cluster name as OS user grid via the command "crsctl get cluster name"

  2. Get IP address of a storage cell via "cat /etc/oracle/cell/network-config/cellip.ora"

  3. Test that you can login via ExaCLI as OS user oracle.   The exacli user id = "cloud_user_" + your cluster name from above and the password is what was used when provisioning the ExaCS.

    exacli -l cloud_user_cl-akhkpexa-11f -c

Now using Enterprise Manager:
  1. Create named credential using the userid and password tested above as EM user sysman

Now using EMCLI:
  1. Login as OS user oracle via the command "emcli login -username=sysman"

  2. Create a property file similar to below, substituting your values for each line



  3. Run the following emcli command by specifying the property file

Finally go back to Enterprise Manager:
  1. Check the job submitted previously and verify it was successful via EM Home Page -> Enterprise icon -> Provisioning and Patching -> Procedure Activity

  2. Your exadata storage cell targets should now be discovered and able to see the cell metrics.

  3. Note that it takes about ~15 minutes before you will see the "Exadata" target in the menu.

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