Sunday, August 9, 2015

Differences between good and evil

"I am your Jesus, born Incarnate." 

"These days people see the difference between good and evil as just varying opinions, when in reality these 'opinions' determine the difference between salvation and condemnation. Liberal opinions support and rally behind everything and anything that pleases self. The conservatives consider God's Laws and the spiritual well-being of others in their stand on issues." 

"The liberal point of view has led to moral degeneration around the world. Taking life in the womb is legal. Same-sex marriage is legal. Certain drugs are becoming legal. These are all moral issues and should never have been subjected to legal determination. These days in this nation, there is a marked difference between political parties - one liberal - one conservative. Do not be tricked by rhetoric. A liberal supports moral degeneration and comprehensive degradation of the human life from conception to natural death. A conservative sees the moral implications of the beliefs he supports. He comprehends the consequences of undermining God's Commandments. He is never just a politician with an eye towards his own gain but looks to the welfare of his constituents. If a soul does not distinguish between good and evil, he cannot make informed choices in his personal opinions or in the political arena. It is in his political choices the soul chooses either further moral degeneration ora revival of God's Truth. 


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